Chuntao Hong


Dr. Hong got his PhD in CS from Tsinghua University in 2011, after which he joined Microsoft Research Asia. In 2016, he resigned from MSRA and co-founded FMA technology. He has long engaged in distributed systems and large-scale machine learning.

Xiaowei Zhu


Xiaowei is currently a PhD candidate in Tsinghua University. His research focus is parallel computing and distributed computing. He developed GridGraph and Gemini, two graph processing engines that are two order of magnitude faster than GraphX.

Kaiwei Li

Chief Engineer

Kaiwei is a PhD candidate in Tsinghua University. His research focuses on large scale machine learning platforms. He developed WarpLDA and SaberLDA, which are the best-performing LDA implementations on single-machine and clusters respectively. He also coached the Tsinghua supercomputing challenge team that won three world champions.

Heng Lin

Chief Engineer

Heng is a PhD candidate in Tsinghua University. He is mainly focused on data processing in heterogeneous platforms. He, for the first time in the world, created a graph processing framework which is capable of handling trillions of edges per second on Sunway TaihuLight.

Wenguang Chen

Chief Scientist

Dr. Chen is a professor in CS department in Tsinghua University. His research areas include operating system,s programming language and parallel computing. He is a National Outstanding Youth Fund winner, and a national scientific and technological progress second prize winner. He also is the vice chairman of the ACM China Council, director of the ACM China operating system branch of ChinaSys, the editor in chief of CACM Chinese version, the Chinese Academy of Computer Science and Technology. He has been a committee member of many conferences such as ASPLOS, PLDI, PPoPP, SC, CGO, IPDPS, APSYS and others many times.