Graph Processing Platform

100x performance compared with GraphX, using 1/20 memory. Highly scalable, capable of handling tens of billions of nodes. Seamless integration with Hadoop / Spark platforms.

Graph Database

Provides both OLTP and OLAP capabilities in one system. Full ACID. High performance. Highly scalable. Highly available.

Graph Computing Solutions

Designs graph processing algorithms and platforms for our customers. First company to provide trillion-node graph processing solution.

Risk Analysis Using Relational Data

Traditional Risk Analysis primarily uses individual data and first/second order neighbors to evaluate risks. By using Iterative graph computation and statistical models improved by machine learning, we can provide a more comprehensive and more accurate risk assessment.

Large Scale PageRank Platform

PageRank is one of the essential algorithm for search engines. FMA Technology has provided PageRank platforms to our partners that can handle process websites on a trillion level, building a secure foundation for their search engine.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

China minsheng banking corporation

JD Digits

Sogou, Inc.